My Set Up

Hi Guys, Ive received a few comments about what equipment I'm using to record my videos so I decided to put everything on one page!

A lot of the equipment below I owned before MoodySlots was born, there is no need to spend a crazy amount of money on 

startup equipment. I have Tried to add cheaper alternatives to every item that i have . 


All descriptions are my personal experience with the below products and may not align to other reviews. So please be sure to research the project further before buying.

If you decide to click on the links below and buy the product I may be eligible to earn commision. 

First up, the iMac
I have included my old and new mac as they both do an excellent job.

I use this to edit all my videos and create my custom thumbnails alongside Photoshop. I would say any apple product is extremely useful if you're wanting to be more creative. However, it's not essential. 

I have been using Photoshop for around 5 years and I am very much still learning. Photoshop is easy to use but near impossible to master so only invest in this if you want to put the time and effort into learning how to use it.

I have recently upgraded my microphone to the Blue Yeti Snowball. This mic is incredible, its crisp, clear and I believe it hances my video quality. (If you want to upgrade even further I have included the link to the bigger and better model of the Blue Yeti)

Having a separate mic does increase my workload for a video. To record live audio/ reactions I ensure the mic and the screen recorder are recording simultaneously - this does require a slight alignment when editing the screen and audio together as I usually record the image on my phone or Ipad

I also use a pop filter to ensure clear and crisp audio throughout

Bose Noise Cancelling headphones! 

These are the most expensive but luckily the best headphones I have brought. I have had these headphones for almost a year now and the sound quality is very good, but the noise-cancelling element is insane and I would recommend these to public transport commuters! 

I have added a few cheaper alternatives that I've used in the past and have served me very well, which can also be used as a mic. attached. 

I wanted to include everything so here are the non-essentials I use; 

I use a wireless mouse and keyboard to keep the desk tidy and organised.

TP-Link Powerline adapter is brilliant for uploads as it acts as an ethernet extender and just helps speed up uploads!

For alternative work, I use a PC and have recently added two of these 27" monitors to my setup! they are great quality and cheaper than most on the market. I have however heard they are not the best quality for gaming so you may have to invest a little bit more if that's what you're considering.

Let me know in the General Forum if there is anything else you would like to see and if I have used it/own it I will be sure to include it on this page in the future.